Store visit at the new Memo concept store

I love how local brands here in my country are always setting the bar high and keeping up with the international scene, in terms of aesthetics and design. A perfect example to that is Memo Clothing. We all know that Memo is known for its mature and sophisticated approach to design and branding. From its interior up to its aura, this store has become one of our on-the-go shops for our work wear and semi-formal clothing pieces. That's why I was shocked when I heard that they reinvented or should I say rebranded one of their stores in Trinoma. Giving it a new look, feel and vibe.

Last weekends, I dropped by at their newest concept store in Trinoma to check out the shop's new look/aura and also to buy a lot classic essentials for my  meetings and events. The new store offers a bright and minimalist feel to their customers, it's very clean, spot on and on trend. I love the furniture they put in this store, it's giving me that minimalist industrial feel.  Overall, I thought I was shopping at one of Colette's stores because of its classic and young appeal to it.

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Don’t forget to visit the new Memo at Level 1, Trinoma.

photos by Faye Balogo of fayebalogo.com 


  1. Love the aesthetics of this store! The design and simplicity are really inviting x
    - mikeystyle.com

  2. Great post and interesting brand!
    Have a nice day!
    Noora// www.noorajatuukka.blogspot.fi

  3. Wow!!! Perfect style.



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