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If there is one thing that I love the most about fashion, it's probably the art of expressing ourselves through clothes. I'm a big fan of DIY projects, before I used to do a lot of DIY projects to escape the boredom or if I'm inspired by a designer's collection, I try to imitate it by doing it myself (frustrated fashion designer here guys!). Aside from it's fun, doing DIY projects can definitely save you a lot of money. Being an art student, we were taught how to make the most out our resources, whether on a tight budget, we always try to create something new out of unimaginable materials. Everyday, I'm piled with a lot of art projects from my professors in art school. We are always challenge to create innovative stuff to test our creativity and how we see design.

Ripping/cutting your jeans totally is one of the most overused and easiest DIY projects can be made. It's crazy how ripped jeans from our favorite designers can cost you around $300 - $1000, crazy right?!. Where you can instantly do it yourself, and be trendy again without breaking your bank account for a pair of ripped jeans. Sometimes fashion can be sooo crazy and hard to understand.  

Leather jacket from Zalora
Shirt from Middleclass clothing
Ripped jeans DIY
Shoes Doc Martens

Photographed by Lorenz Wong


  1. Looking great as always , love your jeans !!
    The color palette

  2. Ripped jeans monopolize the style. Cool outfit.-



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