Too lazy for Sunday

It's Sunday here in Manila, and the weather is really gloomy and sad (not the usual sunny Sunday that I expected). I hate it every time it rains on Sundays, coz this is the only day that I'm available to shoot my outfits for this blog and social media accounts. I'm very busy during weekdays (school,events and meetings), so Sunday is the only day for me to shoot everything and do all the stuff that needed to be done. That's why I'm quite sad that it's raining cats and dogs today.

Since it's raining and I'm feeling a little bit lazy and sad at the same time, I've decided to compile interior visuals or should I say inspirations for today's post. I love anything and everything about white color palettes, especially in a room. Pairing it with a bold pop of color that contrasts it makes a beautiful and calming visual statement, even when used so subtly. I'll let you sip your hot coffee while you browse these visually arresting and inspiring spaces I compiled for you.

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  1. I totally agree with you! Love this post, thank you ♥

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  3. Absolutely adore every single look.



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