In Transit

I'm so proud that my baby brother (who's only 12 years old btw) can now produce well-composed photos like these. After months and months of teaching him, finally! he already understands what a great photo looks like. Though I think he needed a little bit (just a little bit) of push, to be able to reach my expectations in blog photos. I'm really grateful to have a brother who's willing to help me in my career as a fashion blogger. Well there are a lot of things to be grateful for in my life, all the projects and unexpected blessings plus the good people that surrounds me are enough to feel grateful and blessed. That's why I promise to always come up with beautiful and inspiring posts that will make you feel happy and inspired (maybe I should smile more on my next posts).

Whenever I go to different places, I always make sure that I'm comfortable with what I'm wearing, of course without sacrificing style. There are some people who prefers travelling in their pj's, though I must admit that it feels super comfy travelling in pj's, but for people like me, I prefer mixing casual and formal pieces to not look overtly dressed-down. Just the right balance of comfort and style.

Coat from COS
Maroon shirt from RiverIsland
Shorts from Zara
Wool Hat from RiverIsland
Boots from Zara


  1. Kudos to Baby Bro! haha
    Love your coat and Hat! Awesome Styling.

  2. Very unique love it


  3. Beautiful hat and suit



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