Organizing 101: Tahum Leather "Cord Roll"

Being a student and a blogger requires a lot of energy and a hell of a lot of organizing skills and techniques to keep the job done. Everything around you moves so fast; one day you're shooting a campaign for this brand and the next day you're in your room studying for your exams tomorrow. That's why it's important to store all the things that you needed on a proper storage to avoid spending a lot of time looking for it. Personally, I think I spent a lot of money looking for the perfect stylish organizer; where I can store my earphone, charger, keys and some little stuff in one bag.

Last Monday, I was looking online for an authentic leather organizer for my stuff. You know how much I love the smell and color of an authentic leather. The rich texture and timeless appeal of a tan leather is worth buying for, that's why I always buy the best and finest leather that I could find online. After hours and hours of hunting, I stumbled upon this cool site/shop named Tahum Leather.  They sell finest leather accessories for our busy lifestyle. I noticed that most of the stuff they sell has this genius touch to it. The craftsmanship of each product is impeccable and the functionality of it is amazing. I finally found what I'm looking for; an organizer where I can store my earphones, charger, phone and other stuff in just one bag. Introducing, Tahum Leather's "Cord Roll"

This product is perfect for people who travels all the time; going to different places. living the fast life. 

These are usually the stuff that I just throw inside my bag and never cared if they go cray cray inside of it as I walk haha, the stress of opening it and trying to figure out how can you fix the cords and all the stuff that tangled into one another. I think I won't be having the same problem again with Tahum Leather's "Cord Roll". Look at the pictures below on how I arrange and put the stuff in this organizer. 

iPhone6 + Charger cord + earphones + Sunnies

Aside from these stuff, you can totally put you Car keys, money, cards, IDs and everything that fits into this bag. 

Check out Tahum Leather's shop at http://tahumleather.com/
Tahum Leather Instagram @tahumleather


  1. Omg this looks so nice and really helps organize the to-go essentials!! Love it!

    Best, Albert | Palming Pebbles
    Palming Pebbles FB

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  5. Very useful!Makes life better.

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