Ultimate Sophistication with Ferrari Red

So last week, I was looking for a new signature scent that exudes sexiness and umf!, one of the characteristics that I always look for before I purchase a perfume. I knew this was the time to try a new brand of perfume, coz I'm kinda used to (and the people surrounding me) the scent of my David Off and CK perfumes. I immediately went to Fresh.ph store at Eastwood to check out their latest releases and hottest perfumes of the season.

After roaming around their store, I was mesmerized by the design of the bottle of Ferrari's latest perfume "The Ferrari RED". It's very sleek and sexy in a masculine way.  The design of it reminds me of one of Ferrari's famous cars; the edges and color of it made the physical appearance of the perfume very attracting. The scent is very strong in good way, lasts longer comparing to their past perfumes. It has that fresh, oriental, woody fragrance, that possesses a masculine modern sophisticated gentleman. Perfect for corporate guys who are looking for an intense adventure in their lives.


  1. Very nice style, glam and chic


  2. Really amazing! Simple and comfortable!


  3. Nice picture,You look absolutely stunning



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