I'm writing this year-ender blog post in the comfiest place ever (wearing the comfiest clothes of course) which is my bed. I've been doing this best of 2016 blog post since 2013, where all of my achievements, outfit compilations and blessings I received are listed in two or three paragraphs, but this time..I'm taking a different direction. Instead of doing the usual "brag all the things you achieved" this year that most bloggers do, I've decided to write all the things that this year taught me. Tough lessons and mistakes that changed and shaped the person I am today. I must say, this year is indeed one hell of a ride, a lot of emotional ups and downs happened, people who didn't stay, self-doubts, insecurities and depression. But despite all of that, I SURVIVED.

You see, I rarely share my personal life in social media. I know it sounds quite ironic coming from a blogger like me, but in social media, I only share a little part of my life and the struggles and pain I'm facing. It's not pleasing to see or know that I spent half of the year 2016 crying every night coz of a lost love, asking myself what's wrong with me, doubting every move I make, questioning my worth and a lot more crying and lonely nights. That's why I'm so thankful to all the people I met along the way for bringing back my happiness and making me feel loved.

So here are all the things that this year taught me.

1. This year taught me to completely let go of people who didn't want to stay.

2 This year taught me to deal with the pain I'm feeling inside, and just go on with my life.

3. This year taught me that crying won't resolve or change anything.

4. This year taught me that love isn't enough to make a relationship work.

5. This year taught me how to fill that void inside my chest.

6. This year taught me to be my own hero.

7. This year taught me how to hold those urges, ya know.. those times where you want to call or text your ex.

8. This year taught me to be emotionally strong.

9. This year taught me to love my friends and family even more.

10. This year taught me about forgiving.

11. This year taught me about Acceptance.

12. This year taught me who my true friends are.

13. This year taught me to build walls and protect my weak and crushed heart.

14. This year taught me the importance of taking care of myself.

15. This year taught me to make myself a PRIORITY.

16. This year taught me to take back my life from what broke me.

17. This year taught me to never settle and it gave me strength to walk away in the moments I did.

16. It's okay to be confused.

17. It's okay to feel lost for a moment.

18. This year taught me how to be independent.

19. This year taught me that I DESERVE someone who will stay.

20. This year taught me to focus on my career, strive harder and chase my dreams.

21. This year taught me to step a little back in the dating game and just be on my own. 

22. This year taught me that I'm a fighter and I will survive all the storms and challenges that I have to face. 

And lastly, this year taught me that I am in control of my own happiness. So here's to 2016 for bringing all the things that I need to know and experience and CHEERS! to 2017 for new possibilites, changes and opportunities. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 



2016 Taught Me..

Coca-Cola definitely mastered how to throw a great party! So few weeks ago, Coca-Cola give thanks to the people who works behind each Holiday celebration by throwing a fun concert featuring local musicians and celebrities. We've been hustling and striving all throughout the year, in order to pay the bills, rent and to sustain our needs and wants, we strive so hard, we tend to forget how to live life and chill for a moment. We Filipinos are know all over the world for being passionate about our career and jobs, we chase and chase our dreams and continue growing. So cheers to Coke for reminding us to relax and have fun.

Definitely a great way to cap off this year 2016. Great event and amazing campaign. Couldn't ask for more.

The crowd saw one of the country’s hottest loveteams of the generation – Till I Met You couple James Reid and Nadine Lustre, followed by special performances from OPM legends such as RicoBlancoGloc-9Callalily and Sandwich.

Joy and excitement surrounded the area as guests enjoyed some of the on-ground activities such as the Coke karaoke booths, 5by20 Women Artisan Booth, Coke tattoo booths and the Coca-Cola Santa and Snow land stations where they took pictures and played with ice-cold snow. Coca-Cola Ambassadors Enchong DeeBailey May and Ylona Garcia along with some celebrity favorites like Diego LoyzagaAlexa IlacadNash Aguas with his team members from Gimme 5, even the Voice Kids PH Season 1’s DarrenEspanto also joined the fun in the event!
Lucky winners from the raffle draw also got to take home new iPhones and Coca-Cola electric fans. But that’s not all as several employees from Coca-Cola partners 7-ElevenShellSelectGrabMiniStopCocaCola 5 by 20Shakey’sDjarnSentinelTropical HutPasay CityMMDA and PNP, who were nominated as Taga-hatid Pasko heroes also received special rewards and gifts at the event.

Share the joy and laughter this Holidays and your favorite Coca-Cola drink this season with your celebrated #TagahatidPasko.

Coca-Cola Tagahatid Pasko event

Tis the season.. to enjoy all the Holiday deals that brands and online shops are offering. December is the month where I usually just splurge on a lot of stuff, coz of the amazing discounts and deals I get from my favorite brands and online stores. Few days ago I bought a suede boots in maroon, and guess what??! I got if 75% off from its original price. Imagine all the stuff you can still buy coz of that 75% off discount. Zalora has a lot of great deals this Holiday season! In fact I bought a handful of sweaters and jeans from Zalora for only 1,500 pesos!

"Sometimes I wonder.. when will I get paid by just shopping?"

My friends know that I'm a very thrifty and savvy person, I just don't spend my hard-earned money on some random stuff I see online, it goes on a lot of decision making and process before I make a purchase (unless it's sponsored hihi). But travel is an exception, I always travel and explore all the amazing places that this earth has to offer. When I have a strict budget to follow, I always look for seat sales and amazing deals online, now I know where you can get an amazing travel deals online from Agoda.

Aside from Zalora, Takatack has been one of my go-to places for all things nice especially for techy and fashionable guys like me. I head that you can get 4% cashback on Takatack.

My late night net-surfing routine usually involves of me looking for funny and interesting content online and looking for GREAT deals! Luckily, I found a shop online where my hard-earned money are worth spending for. I don't know if some of you are familiar with SHOPBACK ( tho I know you guys are!). So yeah, Shopback helps you get the best deals and discounts on 300+ stores plus, CASHBACK!. Cashback is really "getting your cash back" - When you spend online through Shopback, they give you a portion of your purchase back as cashback. This means extra, unlimited savings whenever you shop online.

If some of you are still quite confuse on how things go with ShopBack, just watch this video below hihi. 

And guess what?!! SHOPBACK created a button that you can install in your browser so that you can earn money while shopping online! Just click on this link to know how it works and how can you install it https://www.shopback.ph/cashback-button/how-it-works.

Here's another photos where you can fully understand how it all works.

So the next time you shop online, you know what to do hihi. 




Get paid while shopping online from SHOPBACK

How y'all doing guys! It's the most wonderful time of year again, and I hope all of you are having an amazing time. Been busy the whole day arranging and preparing our annual gathering "Christmas eve dinner", I tried my best to make the dinner setup Pinterest and Instagram worthy hihi. It's the night before Christmas and I bet some of you are still rushing to the stores buying presents for your loved ones or outside the restaurant waiting for your dinner reservation.

Tis the season to be jolly, that's why I'm so excited to share with you guys this special content I created just for you! in partnership with Topman Philippines. When I received an email from Topman Philippines few days ago asking me if I could create a Holiday content for them, I knew to myself that this should be special. Instead of doing the usual "ootd shoot on the streets", me and my photographer have decided to shoot it in a studio. This is actually our first time shooting inside a studio with all these lights that we don't even know how to use (thanks to our photographer friend for helping us out during this shoot). So yeah, I hope you enjoy all these photos as much as I do and inspired you to dress up this Holiday season. I'm wearing head-to-toe 2016 Topman pieces in this Holiday Lookbook. Enjoy!



Holiday Lookbook 2016


Inspo# 2

Vision in Red

Been wearing a lot of easy-to-wear styles these past few days. Seriously dressing up to the nines has been one of my struggles here in Manila, that's why I'm always in my usual shirt and suit combination. Earlier, I was looking for some style inspos at Pinterest (yes! some bloggers do look for style inspos) coz of a meeting and an event I need to attend. It's really a struggle when those two events are on the same day, why? coz you need to think of an outfit that still business meeting appropriate at the same time appropriate for your event (party most of the time). Gah! just thinking of it makes me cringe, Thank God! there's Pinterest and Instagram where you can just scroll up and down for some inspirations.

Suit from Uniqlo
Pants from Topman
Dress Shoes from Doc Martens
Sunnies from Sunnies Studios

Photographed by Gerald Gumatay


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