Kickin' it

I'm so happy that I made the right decision on investing on a new gear (camera). You can totally see the big difference between my old camera 1100D and my new Canon 70D by just looking at my old photos, and comparing it to now. I couldn't wait to bring it to my new adventure this summer, and post it right away on my Instagram and in this blog (built in wifi yeaaah!).

Speaking of purchase, I'm very wise now in my buying decisions; I always make sure that the clothes that I'll be buying isnt't just a fad or good for one season only. I'm trying to invest more on timeless and versatile pieces with a hint of quirkiness to it. To a wiser me this 2016.

Boxed shirt from Penshoppe
Pans from Zara
Sneakers from Adidas Tubular Primeknit


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