To new visions

This is actually the first time I visited my blog's control panel and check on how things are doing so far for the new year (page views, comments, posts, drafts). I'm very shocked that people are still visiting and reading the articles I wrote here on my blog, even though I haven't updated it for a very long time. That's why I'm very happy to start again with a fresh direction and vision for the brand new year.  I know some of my loyal readers are missing the days where I didn't give a fuck with what I'm wearing, the attitude and edge in the way I dress and present myself to people. I kinda missed that brand identity I've built, and now I've felt like I'm just throwing it away and sticking with my normal "very predictable" self.

I miss being a visionaire, I miss pushing people's perception on menswear dressing, I miss having fun and pairing layers and layers of clothes onto me, I miss being bold, and lastly, I miss ME. I can't wait to produce inspiring content for the next days, and just to be back on track like the good ol days. I'm thankful that there are people who still read blogs today, you know with all the Instagram and fast sharing going on, sometimes people are kinda tired of reading a two article paragraph with beautiful photos.

Gray turtleneck from ZARA
Coat from INDU HOMME
Belt from Charles and Keith
Pants from RiverIsland
Boots from Zara


  1. Ang magandang nagagawa kasi when you read someones blog you can learn a lot like about fashion not just your seeing with the person or the blogger you like but they will teach you how to layer clothes or what color or size that will fit you. kaya mas gusto ko sa blog sa Instagram or other mobile app kasi sa picture lang nila tinitignan pag maganda sa paningin nila ginagaya nila that's why ginagaya lang ng iba kahit hindi bagay kaya minsan nagihing "jejemon" kasi yung outfit nila hindi suitale sa kanila. Thumbs up sa mga blogger tulad niyo Michael Macalos, David Guison, Lance DeOcampo favorite blogger.

  2. Love having you back! Your blog is and always will be one of my favorites! love the belt btw x
    - mikeystyle.com

  3. Beautiful praise


  4. Very gentleman


  5. what a lovely post my dear
    I just found you on Lookbook and fell in love with your style!
    your looks are so inspiring
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE

  6. Classy look my friend - and it's understandable that we keep coming back. You have awesome style brother!
    And can't wait to see what you have store!

    / Alix N,
    @ www.acommonobsession.com


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