Concrete Jungle

Sometimes I wonder how it feels like living in one of the busiest and craziest cities in the world? (I'm talking about New York here guys not Manila hehe). Imagine the exhilarating rush that it can bring to your mind just hearing the footsteps of people and the cars/taxis bumping to each other. Making you feel like your day is going to be a tough day; of course there are tastefully built shops to make you feel at home and cozy. Ohhh one of the many reasons why New York is part of my "must visit cities" list. I just love the culture, the vibe and the people. I remember a line from the movie Sex and City, when Carrie asked her assistant (played by Jennifer Hudson) why she wanna live in New York, and she replied "to find love". 

Soon Michael..very soon.. 

Bomber Jacket from Memo
Shirt from H&M
Pants from Pull and Bear
Sneakers from New Balance
Cap from Asos
Watch from Citizen Watch

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