Chasing the sun

Black button-down from The Illustrados 
Neoprene pants from Penshoppe
Shoes from Milanos
Eyewear from RiverIsland
Hat from H&M

Sometimes the pressure gets to me and it freezes my productivity, and also my will to move forward. I often ask this question to myself "what is really my purpose in life?" "am I doing my best enough?" "when will people see my worth?". I have to be honest, I may not appear to be the most bankable fashion blogger in the world or even in my country because I don't look the traditional boy next door, or maybe I don't have that approachable personality; that very commercial look that most people adore. As you can see, this whole blogging thing may look fun to you coz we always get free stuff and we got paid by just posting products on our accounts, but behind of it isn't that glamorous at all. Imagine the effort and hard work we put into every content and photo, in order for our readers and people to appreciate it. The mindset that we have to push ourselves more and more to make people happy; I always have that mindset stucked in me ever since I created this blog.

 It's not healthy to have the mindset of everything should be perfect and amazing. Then I realized I'm already losing myself, the fun part of fashion blogging. I'm becoming a monster who just pushes and pushes himself until he ran out of ideas, and never stops until he gets what he wants. Yep, that's how I've become. Every improvement must be done in the most epic way, even though I lack resources. No one will stop me from getting what I want, no matter how hard it takes or how impossible for it to achieve. I'm on the point of quitting and losing myself. Ready to give these all up, and just go where destiny will take me.

Then luckily on this journey, I met the most inspiring people (bloggers and influencers) in the industry that helped me sane and be contented with everything. These people encouraged me to keep myself together, never put it in my head and just enjoy the journey. These people made me realized to wait for that perfect time. When everything falls under your path. No matter what situations life throws at you... No matter how long and treacherous your journey may seem.. Remember " there is a light at the end of the tunnel ". And that's what pushes me forward. Never give up, never stop learning, accept and learn from your mistakes.

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