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I'm just really thankful for all the things that are happening in my life right now, I feel like I'm on the right..track baby I was born this wa hey! haha kidding. I'm not just thankful coz I have a stable career and love life, I'm really thankful because I'm surrounded by people who brings the best in me and always push me harder to produce content that I'm hoping will inspire others too to create. So far I can proudly say that all the odds are in my side and I just hope they always be in my side no matter what, but whatever happens, I'm always ready and never afraid of tough challenges; I'd say, bring it on!.

As I go through my content and archives over the past few months, I can totally say that I improved a lot; photos, style and content wise. You see guys, this is the best thing about blogging (aside from the perks that comes with it) you got to see your changes and developments, and actually learn from those. That's why I've decided to add a more personal approach to this website, keep it running with useful and relatable content and add more flair and personality to it. And I would like to start it with this personal "life update" post.

Here are some of the moments that keeps me busy over the past few days (even weeks). 

Special Screening of Batman VS. Superman by Glutamax 
I was one of the lucky bloggers/influencers who got the chance to watch Batman VS. Superman for Free! ohhh one of the many reasons why I love movie screenings and being a blogger LOL. I was invited by my friend Aisa Ipac and Glutamax for an action-packed movie screening. The event started a little bit late (coz it was traffic) and midweek. Glutamax has been on top of its game ever since they launched their product to the market, given the fact that most of their whitening and skincare products works in an instant. One thing I think why this brand stands out from the rest, is because they know what the local consumer wants, they have an on point branding and they deliver. That's why Glutamax for me is one of the trusted whitening and skincare brands.

Overall, the movie was great! I don't know why there are a lot of bad reviews about it on the internet, but personally I really enjoyed this movie. If you just listen carefully and understand the flow of the scenes, I'm pretty sure you will love it too.

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Into the wild
I've decide to escape the city from time to time, to detox and refresh my mind. I challenged myself to do something different, to explore and experience new things out of my comfort zone. I'm into exploring hidden paradise here in my country (local first, before international).

More Adventures on my Instagram account: @michaelmacalos

More Flatlays
Added a more on-point approach of doing flatlays on my Instagram account! @michaelmacalos 

Summer Vacation starts! 
As I said on my previous posts, I have a very looong summer vacation.
That's why I'm doing my very best to make the most out of it.

Upcoming events

Paradise IMF
I'm so excited this Saturday! because one of the most iconic rappers in the world are performing at this local music festival; Paradise IMF. I'm ready to see Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa and Afrojack perform live, been listening to their songs for weeks now, and I just can't wait to sing it out loud with them.

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