Summer Classics

Stripes shirt from Giordano 
Shorts from Giordano
Suede Oxfords from Toms
Watch from Daniel Wellington

The intense heat totally set me back to my street style game, and brought me to sweat proof and overtly laid back style. Last summer, I had a hard time choosing what to wear, coz my wardrobe last year usually consists of dark colors and heavy/thick fabrics that are not tropical friendly (think of New York and London fashion week Fall/Winter levels). That's why summer is the most crucial time for me and my wardrobe, since I'm not good at adjusting to new styles, especially if it's really not my thing. One reason why I rarely visited the beach last year.

But I'm smarter and wiser now by investing on classic summer essentials, that are not only perfect during summer (I'm trying to stay away from tank tops here guys) but also perfect for casual days or that can be mixed and matched with my other clothing in my wardrobe. Speaking of Summer essentials, last week I hoarded a lot of summer staples from Giordano Philippines. They currently offer the types of clothing you need for summer, such as; light long sleeves, summer shorts, classic polos and sweat proof shirts that are perfect for tropical countries like the Philippines. In fact, I'm currently wearing one of their S/S 2016 collection.

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