Street meets Black tie

Sorry for the long hiatus guys, I've been to a lot of events and vacation trips these past few days, that's why I'm not able to update this blog with new quality content. But I'm updating and posting quality photos on my Instagram account everyday, where you can see the places that I've been to these past few days and some quick personal ootds for you.

If there is one action movie that I love watching over and over again, that would be Kingsman and Mission Impossible installments. Seeing a guy fight in his overtly stylish ensemble really satisfies my fashion cravings. We all know that the typical action character must either look a superhero or that bad guy who just wears jeans, shirt and leather jacket (I'm totally visualizing Arnold Schwarzenegger or that Rambo guy). But with Kingsman, the word "action hero" was redefined with swag and a whole lot of class. That's why I was really inspired to combine the two opposing style "class" and "swag" without looking tacky and lost.

Tailored suit from Topman
Pants from H&M
White button-down from Topman
Sneakers from Nike Huarache
Eyewear from Sunnies

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