Street Beats

When your favorite local clothing brand collaborates with one of the most reliable music source/chart in the world, expect a collection filled with street wear culture and upbeat vibes. I was one of the lucky people to get my hands on the latest collaboration of Oxygen clothing with Billboard at their launch few weeks ago. All of the pieces from the collection screams BILLBOARD, STREETWEAR and YOUTH. I've been a huge fan of Oxygen since 2012, their collection back then was very fashion forward and unconventional, injecting that kind of aesthetics/style to the local community back then was a big risk, considering the fact that it's in the Philippines where most people here prefers wearing tee and jeans everyday.  Fast foward to 2016, Oxygen still proves that they're the king of streetwear here in the Philippines by collaborating with the most highly celebrated music company in the world; Billboard.

Oversized shirt from Oxygen x Billboard
Ripped jeans from Oxygen
Boots from Zara
Eyewear from RiverIsland

Photographed by Cha Ocampo of chaocampo.com 

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