One of those days

Do you guys sometimes feel that you don't want to participate in life and just want to chill and watch a lot movies?. Well..I've been feeling that lazy/unproductive vibe these past few days, that's why I didn't post any updates or an artsy photo on my Instagram and other social media accounts this week. I'm currently dealing with some personal issues in my life as of the moment, and it's really affecting my productivity and some important stuff that I needed to accomplish. But don't worry guys, I'm ready to kick start the brand new week tomorrow with some fresh content and photos that hopefully will inspire you to create. But for now, let me just enjoy my Sunday night and deal with this sadness and emptiness that I'm feeling right now.

Shirt from Giordano
Jacket from Zara
Pants from Memo
Eyewear from Sunnies Studios
Boots from H&M 

Photographed by Mike Miguel

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