The Item of Clothing I've Worn The Longest

I love repeating my clothes over and over. I don't care if people or my friends see me in the same jacket that I wore few days ago (don't worry I make sure it's already clean), as long as I buy it and I'm comfortable wearing that jacket, I'll wear it until it screams "I NEED TO REST" hahaha. No seriously, investing on clothing pieces that doesn't have that much design or the color of it stays on the neutral side, can totally save you a lot of money from buying another one.

Well I own a lot of jackets, they're part of my wardrobe essentials, from black to the most bold and loudest color that you've encountered in your life (neon orange, Versace cray cray prints). I have color jackets that I wore only for a few times, but don't have any plans on wearing it again, and the most used ones are my neutral, utilitarian jackets. Just like this H&M X David Beckham white jacket that I bought last year I think. So yeah, I think it all depends on how you style it and pair it with the other pieces of clothing in your closet, to give that fresh appeal to it.

Long tee from H&M Conscious
White denim from H&M David Beckham
Light washed jeans from Topman
Eyewear from Sunnies
Sneakers from Adidas 

Photographed by Mike Miguel 

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  1. As always I'm jealous of your closet . I love that jacket
    The color palette


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