Celebrate Red Iced Tea Day with Tokyo Tokyo

I remember when I was in high school, Tokyo Tokyo has been one of our go-to restaurants every time our taste buds craved for something different. We all can agree that Tokyo Tokyo is the most popular Japanese restaurant here in the Philippines, it built a huge following of customers with its filling and affordable Japanese meals. It was one of the first quick-service restaurants that offered quality and value meals with unlimited servings of rice which customers are still enjoying up to this day. 

And I know a lot of you guys are familiar with Tokyo Tokyo's signature Red Iced Tea. Well, my Tokyo Tokyo experience is not complete without sipping my favorite drink and no meal is complete without it. That's why I always make sure to upgrade the cup to the largest size coz seriously, it really tastes good. Did you know that for more than 30 years, Red Iced Tea has become the brand’s signature drink that no Tokyo Tokyo meal is complete without it. That's why I always buy the largest cup because it just tastes so good and I like the fact that it's different from other iced teas mainly because of its color hahaha but it really taste good especially when paired with good food.

Speaking of Red Iced tea, once again Tokyo Tokyo will be celebrating their very own Red Iced Tea on the 22nd of July. On July 22, you can shake up your usual mealtime and pair your favorite Tokyo Tokyo meals with Super Sumo Red Iced Tea for less than half of its original price. On this day, you can upgrade your regular Red Iced Tea to Super Sumo for only P20 when ordered as a combo upgrade or order it ala carte for just P25. This means you will get to save P44 of its regular price while you enjoy your favorite Red Iced Tea. What a treat from Tokyo Tokyo!

Mark your calendars and satisfy your cravings for Red Iced Tea! Celebrate Red Iced Tea Day with Tokyo Tokyo by visiting any Tokyo Tokyo store nationwide this coming July 22! Share your Red Iced Tea Day experience by tagging Tokyo Tokyo’s Instagram and Facebook (@tokyotokyophilippines) and Twitter (@TokyoTokyoPHL) and use the hashtag #iloveredicedtea

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  1. Tokyo Tokyos Red Iced tea just matcjes everything! So happy and craving as well while reading this :)


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