Grooming 101: Products I use from Flawless to control my Acne breakouts

One day, you glance in the mirror and proudly notice that your skin is close to clear. But then it happens: You have a stressful paper to write or you overindulge on late-night pizza, and boom! Acne. We’ve all been there and it’s frustrating, to say the least. Wasn’t acne supposed to end when we graduated high school? Thankfully, there are plenty of simple solutions to this common problem. Although we’ll never completely get rid of those annoying red spots, the following tips will definitely help!

Well there are many factors that can make you breakout even though you're perfectly armed with the best of the best skin care products out there in the market. Stress can be a great factor, stress has detrimental consequences on your health, and your skin is no exception. Hormones too can be a factor for your acne breakouts and the food that we take. My doctor from Flawless told me that in order to control your acne breakouts you must first know your skin type and what food and amount of stress your skin can only take. It's better to exfoliate everyday coz all acne starts with clogged pores. 

Thank God there are some skin clinics here in my country that knows how to perfectly treat all the skin imperfections like acne, scars, clogged pores and oiliness in an instant. Flawless is like the best stop for getting an instant fix especially if you're dealing with those pesky pimples and you need to treat it asap coz you have a date on the next three days. 

Aside from their world class service, Flawless is also known for its super effective skincare products that can dry pimples instantly. My doctor told me that my skin is very sensitive that's why he always recommend me to use powerful products that aren't harm to my skin. Below are the products I use in fighting those pesky pimples and acne scars. 

Doctor's medication for acne/oily skin

Pore refiner toner 
RG soap
Skin Protect Gel
Skin Renew cream 

So that's it! whenever you visit any Flawless branch here in the Philippines always look for these products especially if you're dealing with acne and oily skin. 

photographed by Mike Miguel @mikewillfly

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