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Last week, I was invited by Sharp Philippines for an intimate lunch and meeting at Big Bad Wolf together with some of the country's digital influencers and bloggers. First things first, I rarely go to tech events or events that involve technology and appliances, why? because I think I'm not a techie person tho I prefer having quality and innovative equipments for my blogging career, but still I don't consider myself a techie person hehe. Since the brand Sharp is very close to my heart (most of our appliances are from Sharp) I instantly said yes to their event invitation. Sharp's innovative features to their televisions and appliances is not new to me. I know this brand always produces quality appliances for their customers and they know the need of today's generation.

At the event, we explored endless entertainment with the Sharp 4k TV powered by Android TV. I know most of us here are familiar with Android and its entertaining capabilities. It's like using your phone but in super widescreen version, through this; you can download songs, watch your favorite shows on the net, play games and explore awesome content on the web. We were also informed about the many upgrades of Sharp's latest offering to the market. 

The UE630X is Google-Certified.  This allows users to search thousands and thousands of movies, TV shows, and YouTube videos in the easiest and most convenient manner possible. Theres no need to sift through hours and hours of content simply push a button, tell the TV what you want through the voice control on your remote, and enjoy!   You can even get recommendations if youre feeling adventurous.

Users can also easily access all their favorite Android apps and games on their television from the Google Play Store. Immersing in a wide variety of Android games through the new UE630X is easy; unlike Android TVs, this new Sharp 4K TV comes with its own gamepad for better controls.

With its 4K Ultra HD resolution, the UE630X allows you to enjoy all these fantastic features in larger-than-life detail.  With resolution four times clearer than Full HD, the UE630X also has a built-in 4K Master Engine Pro, Sharps unique processing engine that up-converts any Full HD content for a hyper-realistic viewing experience.  The Rich Color feature, on the other hand, boasts of wider color representation through innovative luminescent materials used for this models LED backlight.

photo by aisaipac.com
Youll never run out of entertainment possibilities with the UE630X, especially with the built-in Google Cast. The apps, videos, and pictures stored in your Android or iOS devices can be streamed to this TVs bigger, brighter screen for sharing with the whole family.

The UE630X is available in 50, 58, and 65models.

Next-level Smart TV with the LE360D3 and new LE570X

The Philippines is gearing up to for digital terrestrial broadcast in the years to come.  For the tech-savvy who likes being ahead of the curve, the AQUOS ISDB-T TV (LE360D3) is the perfect gift.  It is the first in the Philippines with Emergency Warning Broadcast System (EWBS) and Broadcast Mark-up Language (BML), both of which allow your TV to receive quicker emergency warning notification and on-demand information.  

photo by nognoginthecity.com 

Another boon to the AQUOS lineup is the AQUOS Full HD Android TV™ (LE570X) which comes pre-installed with the Android KitKat 4.4.  It has built-in Wi-Fi, USB functionality, PC input, and multiple HDMI terminals, so you can enjoy all your favorite content in Full HD glory.

The LE360D3 is available in 70, 60, 40, and 32, while the new LE570X comes in 55and 50 sizes.

Entertainment all around with the Sharp Active Multimedia System

Karaoke is a very popular hobby, especially in Asian countries. When most people think of karaoke the main place that comes to mind is Japan; overlooking other parts of Asia like the Philippines.
For Filipino’s it is a big part of our lives. As a Filipino myself, one of the first two things I learned that Filipino’s love (other than family, of course) is food and karaoke! And I'm very happy that Sharp is still trying to bring that kind of entertainment to us Filipinos, by updating and making a better and easier to use karaoke system. 

The Sharp Active Multimedia or SAMM is an all-in-one entertainment system made to provide total enjoyment and fun for you and your family. It has 1,200 licensed videoke songs available and a multimedia system fit to play all of your favorite music and films. The system even allows you to view your digital photos.

You can watch films in whichever format available thanks to SAMM’s DVD, HDMI, and USB inputs. There is also the built-in TV tuner if you want to see your favorite TV shows instead.

SAMM also comes in handy for any videoke duets since it has 2 microphone jacks—and complete with a 3-way speaker system, it then fully encapsulates a concert-like feeling you’ve always wanted.

You can choose between a 24” or a 32” LCD screen and an optional purchase of an exclusive SAMM USB offering that has 1,800 more videoke songs.

Now you can sing, listen to music, watch your favorite TV show, and even see your favorite movie all in just one system. With the Sharp Active Multimedia System, you know you can always just jam with SAMM.

Sharp AQUOS TVs are available at all leading appliance stores nationwide, with pricing that starts from PHP 17,998 while the SAMM starts at PHP 22,998. Visit www.sharp.ph or join us on www.facebook.com/SharpPhilippines and Instagram at @Sharp.PH to discover how your holidays can be filled with larger-than-life entertainment.

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