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When people ask me about my signature style, I always ran out of words to say (oh the classic me during interviews). Why? coz I don't think I have a signature style or built that distinct style even though I've been fashion blogging for almost five years now. Actually it's so hard to have a signature style nowadays, because many factors can influence your style; like your mood, culture ,your favorite designers, bloggers or even the country you're based at. Though it's great to have people recognize you with a specific kind of style or trend, especially for fashion bloggers, but for me, my style will always depends on my mood and the weather. 

We all know that one of the most expensive styles for men out there is the Dapper style. The essentials of sporting this style can totally damage your credit card; starting with a well-tailored suit which usually costs around $800 above, a nice designer watch that can cost you for around $1000 each, a crisp button-down, a well-tailored pants and a nice leather shoes... But don't worry guys, you don't have to spend a lot of bucks (just what I did in this post) in order to achieve that sleek dapper style. 

There are so many fast fashion brands out there in the market that produces the same style and the same quality (almost) of clothes. All you have to do is choose carefully the pieces you're going to buy. I can recommend to go at Zara and Uniqlo for suits, you know they always produces the comfiest and stylish yet budget-friendly suits. See it's a matter of being wise and thrifty in order to achieve that look, you don't need to spend a lot of bucks to look Dapper (tho sometimes it helps) but with a little bit of knowledge in fashion and trends, you can achieve any style or look without damaging your credit card. 

Grid suit from Uniqlo
Button-down from Memo
Pants from Zara
Clutch bag from FreeBeerFriday
Watch from Daniel Wellington
Eyewear from Sunnies
Shoes from Milanos

Photographed by Pocholo Mendoza

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