Denim All The Way

Oh this gloomy weather makes me want to stay in bed all day and just watch random movies online. It's been raining so hard these past few days in Manila and it's no good to me, coz it makes me feel unproductive, sad, empty, depressed, lonely and lastly probably the most important reason why I hate this kind of weather is.. I CAN'T SHOOT OUTSIDE. Tho some of my friends always recommend to just shoot rainy season inspired content, but imagine the hassle and stress it will bring to me and my photographer if we're going to shoot outside while raining. I'm just hoping for the better days to come real' soon!.

Denim coat from H&M CONSCIOUS 
White shirt from The Ramp
Patched pants from Oxygen
Boots from Zara

Photographed by Joana Zandra of http://www.chasingstyle.asia/

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