Out of Office

That feeling when you just want to be productive the whole day, but the weather and your cozy bed just pulls you away to have some intimate bonding with it. We all know that it's quite hard to stay productive or do something meaningful especially with this kind of weather (rainy and cold) but thankfully one of my good friends gave me some helpful articles to be productive and start doing things NOW, you know that friend who will guide you and make you realized a lot of deep sht coz he/she feel that your life is going nowhere. Thankful to have people who always brings out the best in me, especially those days when you're feeling really down and upset on stuff such as relationship, toxic friends and work. A good conversation with your bffs can totally motivate you. That's why I value good people more in my life than any material stuff that life offers.

Navy blue suit from Zara
Pants from Uniqlo
Tank top from Uniqlo
Sneakers from Adidas ZX FLUX
Eyewear from Asos
Clutch bag from Herschel
Watch from Komono

Photographed by dpocholo

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