Interior Habitué: Airy light

Finally! I can now post new content here in my blog again, coz my layout editor just finished installing the overall template/layout for my blog. I'm just so happy that the website looks clean and polished (easy to navigate and read the posts), everything that I could ever ask for in a blog; my layout editor installed it. He totally did a great job!

This time I'm trying to bring back the personal side of CONTEMPORARY BOY in my content. It's time to lessen the sponsored posts and add new interesting categories that I'm sure y'all would love! But for now, here's an interior inspo post.

Nothing beats the classic scandinavian interior. The color palette is just relaxing and beautiful to look at, imagine yourself waking up to this room every morning. All of the light that is passing through each spaces makes me want to stay here forever and shoot a lot of Instagram worthy flatlays hehe.

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  1. Ganda! Instagrammable nga! Kahit ako gusto ko ng wooden white walls coz it's easy to match with colors.


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