#OOTD test shoot with Huawei P9

Content is king. Regardless of what [social network] is most popular at the moment—if you’re producing amazing content, you’ll always have a platform. When you first start your blog, stay focused on just creating amazing content for six months to a year. Brands will come crawling, invites will roll in, but first and foremost, figure out your point of view. That’s the most important thing.

That's why I'm quite meticulous with the content I publish online, it should be inspiring and well-thought-of. The easiest way to attract readers especially if you're running a fashion blog or an Instagram account that focuses on ootds and lifefstyle is to produce amazing photos. Your photos must have that Je ne sais quoi appeal to it, as much as possible the quality of it should be effortlessly amazing just like browsing your favorite magazine. In order to do that, it's either you have an amazing photographer friend or a camera that can take amazing quality photos, though a camera that can produce nice pictures could cost you around $500 (above) but there are many affordable alternatives out there in the market that offers almost the same quality yet the price is quite affordable. 

I found a smart phone that produces almost the same quality that a dslr can do. Huawei spent more than half its keynote waxing lyrical about the P9’s camera and the company’s new bosom buddy, Leica. “Huawei is excited to give P9 users the best smartphone photography experience by leveraging the unrivalled capabilities of Leica, the leader in the world of imaging for more than 100 years,” said the company’s CEO. “Consumers around the world use their smartphones to take billions of pictures each year, making photography critical to user experience. P9 users can now capture images with unmatched clarity, richness and authenticity, with a masterfully designed and powerful smartphone that looks and feels incredible.”

Me and my friend Mike Miguel did a test shoot using the phone to see if it really captures that quality we're looking for in a phone's camera. When buying phones, first things first we check is how powerful the camera is, partnering with Leica is more than enough to prove that the phone's camera is really great.  Below are the unedited (no filter) photos that I took using Huawei P9 camera. You can see that the quality of these photos are amazing! it's really sharp and clear, colors are more natural looking and the autofocus of this phone is super fast. 

I love the fact that you can adjust the apperture and the iso of it, first time actually to encounter a phone that can do that. Also you can select modes, apply a blur background on each photos on its edit tool, add filters and adjust the lighting of it. 

I can totally say that I already found a phone that I can substitute with my dslr camera. The quality of each photos are sick and I love that it doesn't need that heavy editing just to bring out the best of each photos or put a lot of filters to it. Let’s now examine the specification and performance of the Huawei P9. Sporting a 5.2-inch 1080p display, the P9 runs on a Kirin 955 2.5GHz 64-bit ARM-based processor and is powered by a 3,000mAh battery. The phone itself feels well-constructed with aerospace-class aluminium covering. Size-wise, it is slightly smaller than my iPhone 6 Plus, and measures about the same thickness.

The Huawei sports a pair of 12MP cameras, delivering 4:3 images measuring 3968×2976 pixels. In terms of focusing speed, it's very fast and can capture precious moments in an instant. Reinventing on how you see the world and smart phone photography with this new offering from Huawei.  

Overall, Huawei P9 totally delivers pretty impressive photos and controls for the photography enthusiast. I can't wait for their next innovation of Huawei devices for next months or next year. 


  1. Love this post‼️


  2. wow! just wow kala ko dslr ang gamit pero huawei pala. Ang galing


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