It looks like every fashion boy and fashion girl in every part of this world been wearing their jacket this way. I first saw this kind of style at a Balenciaga fashion show, where all the jackets and outerwear pieces are worn like an off-shoulder top. Then from that, every bloggers, influencers, street style superstars and designers started injecting that kind of style to their work. What a fun way to wear your favorite jacket, it also adds a character to your overall look if you wear it like this. Indeed Balenciaga is a genius for reinventing and setting the bar high. No wonder why Mrytle Snow's last words on the tv series AHS was "BALENCIAGA". 

Denim Jacket from Lee Jeans
Turtle Neck from Lemaire 
Pants from Zara
Boots from Zara
Sunnies from Zara

Photographed by Gerald Gumatay 


Why So Serious?

Whenever people ask me where do I get these cool concepts on my ootds, photos here in my blog and Instagram, I always answer them with an excitement and thrill *as if I'm about to spill one of the world's biggest secrets*. Nah, it's just Pinterest and Instagram. Those two apps are a great tool in terms of creative flatlays, interior, portrait inspos and ootds. It's like Google for photographers.  

Coz I'm feelin under the weather today, I've decided to compile my inspirations for my upcoming shoot. I'm really diggin' the effortless and just woke up vibe in these photos. That I don't care if I drunk too much last night vibe is giving me life. Maybe if I lose a little weight, I'll be able to achieve that heroine model look. Enjoy guys! 

Inspo# 1


My Not So Secret Place


Into the sea


Current favorite: Beige Coat

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