Silk Dreams

So few months ago, I bought this silk button-down from Topman coz I was mesmerised by the details and fabric of it.  That time, I was not aware of this whole silk thing, all I know was it looks cool and it can be worn as a sleepwear too haha kidding!. I'm sure that I'm quite aware with the whole silk thing, I watched some designer shows doing this silk thing, at first I thought it looked funny on the models but when people (famous people) started wearing it with their approach and style, damn! it looked really effortlessly cool. That's why I instantly bought one from Topman to see if it adds a little drama and character to my personality.  And that my friends is a perfect example of why you should never ever underestimate the power of social media and influencers. 

Silk button-down from Topman
Pants from Topman
Shoes from Doc Martens
Aviators from Sunnies Studios

Photographed by Joana Zandra

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