Street Appeal

One of the reasons why I will be forever amazed by the "streetwear culture" is the character and individuality that every person portrays. Everyone is allowed to be experimental, loud and weird without judging one another. You can walk around in layers and layers of oversized clothing outside the streets yet people in the fashion scene applaud you for having that kind of style. You see this is the only trend in fashion ever created where there are no limits, no rules and borders. You can be anything what you want, as long as you know how to act cool and play the character well. Personal branding is indeed an IT thing right now, we all want to be known for a specific style and work, but you must remember that it shouldn't eat your soul and change your beliefs in life. Who knows, I might walk outside my apartment looking like I'm part of the Rick Owens show. 

Camou shirt from Guess
Jacket from 5CM
Pants from Zara
Hat from Zara
Sneakers from Adidas Gazelle

Photographed by Gerald Gumatay

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