2016 Taught Me..

I'm writing this year-ender blog post in the comfiest place ever (wearing the comfiest clothes of course) which is my bed. I've been doing this best of 2016 blog post since 2013, where all of my achievements, outfit compilations and blessings I received are listed in two or three paragraphs, but this time..I'm taking a different direction. Instead of doing the usual "brag all the things you achieved" this year that most bloggers do, I've decided to write all the things that this year taught me. Tough lessons and mistakes that changed and shaped the person I am today. I must say, this year is indeed one hell of a ride, a lot of emotional ups and downs happened, people who didn't stay, self-doubts, insecurities and depression. But despite all of that, I SURVIVED.

You see, I rarely share my personal life in social media. I know it sounds quite ironic coming from a blogger like me, but in social media, I only share a little part of my life and the struggles and pain I'm facing. It's not pleasing to see or know that I spent half of the year 2016 crying every night coz of a lost love, asking myself what's wrong with me, doubting every move I make, questioning my worth and a lot more crying and lonely nights. That's why I'm so thankful to all the people I met along the way for bringing back my happiness and making me feel loved.

So here are all the things that this year taught me.

1. This year taught me to completely let go of people who didn't want to stay.

2 This year taught me to deal with the pain I'm feeling inside, and just go on with my life.

3. This year taught me that crying won't resolve or change anything.

4. This year taught me that love isn't enough to make a relationship work.

5. This year taught me how to fill that void inside my chest.

6. This year taught me to be my own hero.

7. This year taught me how to hold those urges, ya know.. those times where you want to call or text your ex.

8. This year taught me to be emotionally strong.

9. This year taught me to love my friends and family even more.

10. This year taught me about forgiving.

11. This year taught me about Acceptance.

12. This year taught me who my true friends are.

13. This year taught me to build walls and protect my weak and crushed heart.

14. This year taught me the importance of taking care of myself.

15. This year taught me to make myself a PRIORITY.

16. This year taught me to take back my life from what broke me.

17. This year taught me to never settle and it gave me strength to walk away in the moments I did.

16. It's okay to be confused.

17. It's okay to feel lost for a moment.

18. This year taught me how to be independent.

19. This year taught me that I DESERVE someone who will stay.

20. This year taught me to focus on my career, strive harder and chase my dreams.

21. This year taught me to step a little back in the dating game and just be on my own. 

22. This year taught me that I'm a fighter and I will survive all the storms and challenges that I have to face. 

And lastly, this year taught me that I am in control of my own happiness. So here's to 2016 for bringing all the things that I need to know and experience and CHEERS! to 2017 for new possibilites, changes and opportunities. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 



  1. Reading this reminds me of a recent event. Be strong! Nope, be stronger Michael! :)

  2. Wow! Relatable kind of situation. Be steong Michael. You are great and inspiring plus there's a lot of people who loves you. We will be here for you always. Support all the way. ❤ Happy New Year! I wish you all the very best lalo na pagdating sa love and happiness mo. ☺

  3. More than all the learnings and the pain... 2016 made you a Stronger and a better version of yourself. Lovelots and Hugssss. Cheers to 2017 Michael


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