New Year, New Travels

It's the first few days of January and I'm already planning all my travels and trips for the upcoming months. One of the things that I promised that I will do for this year 2017 is to live life to the fullest and experience different cultures, also I'm planning to create a vlog where I can just talk about random stuff and the things that I love like fashion, grooming and my trips. That's why I think now's the time to invest on quality and stylish travel bags that can hold all your precious stuff at the same time looks badass and sleek.

When it comes to travel bags, I usually go for the spacious type of bags that are easy to carry. I'm practicing how to travel light in my past few trips, tho I'm not really used to travelling light coz everytime I travel, I always make sure that I got all the stuff I need even the things that I won't be needing for the trip. Thank God I found a perfect duffel bag at Venque that transforms into a cool backpack.

Here's a little bit of history about Venque.

VENQUE was founded by Canadian-based brothers Viktor and Simon. Veterans of the fashion industry, Viktor and Simon decided to pursue their passion project in early 2011 after years of working in top fashion design houses. Their goal was to craft the perfect backpack designed for urban trendsetters and commuters.

I own a lot of backpacks and duffel bags, but this is the only bag that stands out from the rest. I really love how sleek and stylish this bag is, also that transition effect is genius (I think we urban commuters and travellers needs a lot of bags like this), it's not only for travel use but can be also use as a gym bag and lastly the craftmanship and quality is astounding. Venque really knows how to deliver products that can lasts up to ten years or even more. And yes! you'll be seeing me a lot carrying this duffel bag as I travel around the world this year 2017.

Product link: https://www.venque.com/products/duffle-pack-1-0-grey?lssrc=related

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  1. I wish I could get a hold of a Venque duffel bag. I so love it!


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