On a Casual Day

Did a quick shoot outside with my little brother, and man! I couldn't believe that he's able to produced these kind of shots at such young age. When I was 13, I didn't even know how to operate a camera or compose a decent photo, that's why I'm so shocked at the same time happy that my little brother is learning and applying all the things I taught him on photography.

Printed button-down from Topman
Denim jacket from Lee Jeans
Pants from Zara
Sneakers from Adidas 


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  3. The very moment I've read that your little brother did these shots of you I'm so thrilled to read more because I do have a little brother who loves photography too, using my phone to take outdoor photos. I'm a bit disappointed that I've gotten to read only a little, but nonetheless, I enjoyed this blog entry, Michael. And I applaud your little brother for these great shots of you. Cheers for our little brothers! Why are they all so talented? [laughing]

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