For sure we've done a lot of crazy things for the sake of meeting new people especially in this digital age where everything is just one swipe tap away. I always crack up every time my friends share their horrible and craziest thing they've done just to meet new people and build connections; stories includes blind dates, awkward tinder dates, bar experiences and a whole lot more that will make you burst into laughter. Then from my friends stories, I somehow learned a lot from their experiences that I always apply every time I meet new people. 

Communication is the key to life. We have been told that many times. Take the past generations, like our parents, for example. They seem to take full advantage of that whole “communication” concept because they grew up talking face-to-face while Generation-Y grew up staring at screens. It's 2017 and we still spend hours of our days sitting and checkin our social media accounts, creeping on our exes while we text our friends and ponder about all of the things we want to say to certain people that we don't have the guts to actually do in reality.

I take it as a a new possibility and opportunity especially in my career as a blogger where I deal and meet a lot of people every week. In my five years of blogging, I learned how to communicate well with brands, agencies, bloggers, editors and business owners. But way way back, I'm so bad at communicating with people, coz I was an introvert back in the day. I tend to stay away from huge crowds and just stay in a room with no people inside, but I knew to myself that this has to change ASAP. It's a trial and error process, but when you figured it all out, for sure everything will follow. 

"You need to get out of your comfort zone to experience new possibilities"

Confidence is the key to everything. Confidence. Some people are born with it, some have to work for it, and others do not know how to obtain it. It is something either one has or does not, but can always be accomplished over time. In order for you to look good and feel good, you need to be confident in yourself. Just like San Mig Light latest commercial, where it shows the key things you need to have in order to achieve that suave vibe in meeting new people. 

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For The Sake of Meeting New People

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