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Acne has been one of my struggles over the past few years, the struggle of finding the perfect product for your sensitive skin is really a struggle. In the last five years, I must say that I tried all of the acne defense skin care products out there in the market, some works over a few months and some products didn't work at all (talk about wasted money).  I just couldn't find the product that can literally fight my skin problems (I'm a combo type of guy).

After a lot of research, I learned that one of the best way to fight acne is to have a healthy lifestyle. Eat right and excercise do wonders and having plenty of sleep helps your skin too. But for the on the go guys like me, having plenty of sleep is quite impossible, that's why Pond's Men is here to help us guys combat these problems.

Keeping up with the demands of a hectic lifestyle while still strutting in style is a challenge that faces men in today’s urban jungle. Whether it be that yuppie who’s working hard on his biggest project yet, or that new grad who’s only about to learn the ropes, there is no escaping the harsh environmental elements that they encounter during their daily routine. Due to the constant exposure of their skin to the city’s pollution, and the direct heat of the sun, they usually find themselves looking haggard, developing dark spots, and being more prone to acne than ever before.

The great news is that the solution to looking less haggard is within reach, thanks to Pond’s Men Energy Charge. Maintaining a fresh, revitalized look is easily achieved with this skin care line that’s powered by coffee bean extracts and cooling menthol.

Pond’s Men is the perfect complement to the urban man’s lifestyle because it is created specifically for him. Men’s skin is thicker than women’s skin, and have larger pores. And as such, has the tendency to be oilier, and more susceptible to acne.

By using Pond’s Men instead of soap, dirt, grime, and oil are removed without stripping the skin of natural lipids, making the skin smoother, whiter, and more energized.

For maximum efficacy, the Pond’s Institute recommends the following routine when using Pond’s Men:

a. CLEANSE. Use Pond’s Men Energy Charge Facial Wash to remove dead skin cells and impurities, and energize haggard looking skin.
b. MOISTURIZE. Use Pond’s Men Energy Charge Face Moisturizer to nourish, protect, and energize haggard looking skin.

With Pond’s Men Energy Charge, the urban man can look and feel confident---manic Monday or daily grind, notwithstanding. Powered with coffee bean extracts and cooling menthol, Pond’s Men will make sure he’s always looking his freshest, and very energized best.

Pond’s Men Facial Washes and Moisturizer are available at leading supermarkets, and drugstores, and the beauty sections of department stores.

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