My Top 5 favorite services from Flawless

Before I start this compilation of my favorite services from Flawless, I just want to thank my Flawless family for helping me achieve all my beauty goals and turning me into a confident human being *awow*. So thank you FLAWLESS!!

I've been receiving tons of messages and emails from my readers and followers about the services I've undergone with Flawless. From the prices, the good and side effects, the products recommended and even how painful the service will be, I carefully answered it all coz I only want the best for my readers. That's why I've decided to compile my all time favorite services from Flawless Face and Body Clinic.

Let's start!

My skin type is very sensitive, that's why it needed an intensive treatment without damaging the skin. This facial is perfect for people who have active acne and pimples on their face. If you're looking for a kind of facial that instantly deliver results, I highly-recommend this service for you. This facial uses a cooling green oxygenating mask that targets acne-causing bacteria and delivers healing and soothing benefits to your skin.

Price: 625 per session

Oil advance control facial helps control my oiliness and minimizes pores. You will instantly see that your face is becoming less oily after two or three sessions of this service. It also uses a green oxygenating mask that targets acne-causing bacteria and delivers healing and soothing benefits for your skin. Again one of those services that instantly deliver results with zero downtime.

Price: 980 per session

Ahh, this service will be on top of my list forever. This helps fade those dark acne marks and scars, it will also make your face whiter and cleaner. Using a highly concentrated peeling solution, this service effectively heats and eliminates skin discoloration, fine lines, acne oiliness and the appearance of large pores. If you're planning to avail this service, I suggest to take a leave for a day or two days especially if you don't want your officemates or classmates to see your skin peeling and red, but the after results is beyond amazing!.

Price: 3,500 per session

If you think gym is not enough to achieve those six pack abs and toned body, I suggest for you to try this one. This service contours and tones specific parts of your body with the use of advance Vela Smooth machine. It uses the combined power of radio frequency, infrared waves, vacuum and ultrasound cavitation. Tho I suggest that you still control your diet and go to the gym regularly for the best results.

Price: 4,500 per session

I avail this service when I have a spontaneous beach trip next week. Mesolipo helps flatten and burns your fats instantly by injecting a concoction of active slimming ingredients into concern areas. Shape and Sculpt and this is a perfect combination, but don't forget to ask for the doctor's recommendation inside the clinic.

Price: 5,000 per session

So there you have it guys! I hope this information helps you decide which service and treatment is right for your skin condition, but if you're still unsure and have some questions, I suggest to just visit any Flawless branch and book an appointment/consultation in their clinic's Doctors.

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  1. Wow those sound great, a spa day is always much needed!


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