14 Days of Happiness with Enervon

Although we may sometimes neglect to cultivate our own happiness, feeling happy is intrinsically important. If we are happy it has added knock on effects and benefits. These include us becoming more compassionate and feeling healthier both physically and emotionally. We become more creative, witty, energetic and fun to be around and it can also lead us to become more financially successful.

Very few of us live our lives in complete isolation. We will have partners, families, friends and work colleagues with whom we interact on a daily basis so if we’re happy, then it’s likely to mean that they’ll feel happier too. Therefore, through our own happiness, we are actually giving something to other people too and enabling them to feel happy as well.

So few weeks ago, Enervon challenged me to make the most out of everyday by joining their 14 days of Happy Challenge. I got so excited coz I've been taking Enervon multivitamins ever since. Enervon multivitamins helps me to be at my best and accomplish all the works I needed to finish ASAP and it also helps me be patient and always look at the bright side when something bad happens. 

"The main point of the challenge is to inspire your readers to be at their best and live life to the fullest every second, minute, hour and moment of their lives". 

So let me share you guys my 14 days of Happy Challenge with Enervon. You can check all the postings on my Facebook Page hihi. #MichaelMacalosxEnervon

DAY 1 









DAY 10

DAY 11

DAY 12

DAY 13

DAY 14

In order to be happy you don’t need things to be perfect. Often times we associate happiness with perfection, even though those two things almost never go hand in hand. Just because something turns out ‘perfect’ doesn’t mean it will actually make you happy.

Happiness is not something you achieve, but something you feel by living your best life.

So get off the couch, stop feeling sorry for yourself and start living. Let everything fall into place like it is supposed to do and live your best life. You can’t control everything, so just live. 

So starting today, I challenge y'all to take control of your life, pursue your goals, live your dreams and be always passionate with the things you love. 

I really had a great time with the challenge and I know this journey with Enervon has just started. Thank you Enervon! Lets spread more happy!
For more information about Enervon, please visit their website at www.enervon.com.ph and like the Enervon Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/EnervonPH!

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