Hey guys! I know it's been ages since the last time I posted something on this website. Been very busy with life and travels lately. I have a day job now that doesn't feel like a day job coz I only visit the office once or twice a week hihi, also I've been travelling all around the Philippines these past few months. Kinda promised to myself that I will visit every beautiful island in my country before I go out of the country. Yeah my life is pretty hectic right now but I'm not complaining tho, in fact I love it! and I feel very blessed.

If you've been following me on Instagram @michaelmacalos, you'll notice that I always have an accessory (hat, bag, shades or scarf) with me in my ootd posts. And I bet some of you might mistake it as an expensive piece or I bought it from a high end brand (wow assuming? haha). TBH most of my accessories came from SM ACCESSORIES! Yep you read that right! all of my accessories that I wore in my past ootd posts are from SM Accessories.


I'm a huge fan of SM Accessories since I was a teen (I'm only 22 guys! LOL). I love that they're making their accessories accessible to the masses, making it easier for us to buy the kind of accessory that will fit with our travels and outfit. You can even just grab and go but make sure you pay for it before you leave the store lol, that's how convenient shopping accessories at SM Accessories is.

Let me show y'all how I styled the beautiful stuff of SM Accesories with my ootds. I hope you find an inspiration or at least give you clues on how can you incorporate their stuff to your outfit and ootds.

Every accessories (hats, bags, scarves and watch) in this post are from SM Accessories. Go check them out guys! SM Accessories are located in every SM Store nationwide. 

You can follow them also on 


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