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If you've been following me on Instagram, you'll notice that I travel a lot! Going to places wherever my feet will take me, or let's just wherever my travel blogger friends will take me hehe. And I've been receiving some questions on how can I endure this fast-paced lifestyle (the long hours of travelling, motion sickness etc). 

Well tbh, it takes a lot of travelling to get used to this kind of lifestyle. I can remember how sick I was; motion sickness to be exact in my very first travel. It's the kind of sickness that you don't want to happen but it will happen haha but with the help of some medicines, I can already endure long hours of travelling.

That's why before I leave our house for work travel, I always make sure to take some Bonamine. It really helps prevent and relieve nausea, dizziness, vomition and loss of balance associated with motion sickness. I've been using it for almost 10 years now, and it still perfectly works and do wonders for your body especially when you're travelling. 


Ms. Lovelea also stressed that Bonamine should be an essential part of every traveler’s journey and that Bonamine should be taken 1 hour BEFORE the actual travel. Others take Bonamine when they are already showing signs of motion sickness, which is a big NO-NO since it takes some time before the medicine can kick in and once the symptoms of motion sickness start, it is really hard to stop it even if you take other medicines. To make it effective, Bonamine should be used as a PREVENTION and not as a remedy for people suffering from motion sickness.
Mr. Tito Tolentino even added that Bonamine should be taken as a prevention for motion sickness the same way as we use umbrellas so we won’t get wet from the rain. We don’t use umbrellas when we’re already soaking wet right? We use umbrellas for our protection. Bonamine is our “umbrella” against motion sickness.

People shouldn’t worry about taking Bonamine because it provides 24 hours of relief from motion sickness. Ms. Lovelea also reminded us not to overdose on Bonamine as it should be taken only once per day. Also, it is safe to be taken on an empty stomach and even if travels are canceled and you’ve already taken Bonamine, it is okay and will not hinder your activity. And it should be noted that Bonamine is an anti-vertigo medicine.
One precaution though is for DRIVERS and those who are operating machinery, not to take Bonamine as it makes the user a little drowsy and therefore risky for the driver and the passengers. Bonamine is usually safe to use with other over the counter drugs but if you’re suffering from heart ailments or any sickness that require lots of medicine, it’s better to consult your doctor first before you use Bonamine along with your other medicines.

Bonamine is available in two (2) formats, the 12.5mg BONAMINE FOR KIDS (2-12 years old) which costs only PHP10.25 and the 25mg BONAMINE FOR ADULTS (13 years old and above) is just PHP12.50. Both Bonamine products are very affordable, especially if you take into account the overall convenience it gives to us travelers.

When it comes to kontra-byahilo (anti-dizziness), Bonamine is already a household name. Bonamine is Meclizine HCl, which is antihistaminic and anticholinergic. It not only controls dizziness but vertigo as well. I may not always use it, but I always keep a few tabs in my medicine kit, not only for me, but also for my travel companions. It goes well with other medicines but as always, check with your doctor for any contraindication.

So few weeks ago, Bonamine launched a new promo for people who loves to travel! It's called 

As a constant travel essential, Bonamine is making travel a winning experience by rolling out its Bonamine Travel and Win Promo. With Bonamine Travel and Win Promo, travellers get a chance to win a trip to Hongkong for four (4). The mechanics are simple:
  1. Take a selfie (or a wefie) with a Bonamine Promo Pack
  2. Share your Bonamine travel experience
  3. Upload your photos at Bonamine’s Facebook page at /BonaminePH
Participants will get the chance to win overnight accommodations at Hotel H20 (Luzon)Crown Regency Hotels and Towers (Visayas), and Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao (Mindanao). For the grand prize, a trip to Hongkong for four (4) is at stake.
Promo period is from March 1 to July 31, 2018. Winners will be announced on the Bonamine Facebook Page. Whether you’re chasing summer with friends or just touring a destination with your family or special someone, you can travel and win with Bonamine!
For more details about the promo, visit the BonaminePH Facebook page.

So that's it guys! Join now the contest and experience how fun travelling is with Bonamine!

Visit their Facebook page for more info



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